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Check attendance in educational systems, youth movements, and sports groups.

MIPO. Attendance in a Click.

The easiest and simplest way to check attendance in all educational systems, youth movements, and sports groups.

MIPO is an easy-to-use application for checking attendance at preschoolers, kindergartens, schools, informal education, youth movements, groups and sports teams.
MIPO gives you an essential answer for exercising control and responsibility for the systems you are responsible for.

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

MIPO. Know at Any Given Time Where Children Under Your Supervision Are.

Stop the paperwork inefficiency today and start to save time and money.

Attendance Check

A snapshot of the presence of children and members of the group in real time and in emergency situations.

Reporting and bi-directional feedback

Reporting and bi-directional feedback to parents about the children's absence.

Simple and Easy

List of children by groups according to system characteristics.

Planning and Updates

Plan and update group data quickly. Have the ability to introduce occasional and permanent presence constraints.

Always With You

On a mobile device or computer of any instructor / trainer / teacher / kindergarten teacher.

Data and Reports

Quick access for managers to analyze data and review reports for any required time period.

Check attendance in educational systems, youth movements, and sports groups.

Strengthen trust in parents, show responsibility and professionalism for children. And at any given time, get direct and convenient data access.

Attendance Check Screen

1. The Attendance Check Screen

Core system that allows rapid and efficient presence checking.

2. Convenient and Simple View

A simple and efficient interface that helps the instructor / trainer / teacher to perform a quick and thorough attendance check.

3. Real Time Indications

Reporting and bi-directional feedback on children's absence by feedback from the child's parent. An indication of the cause of the absence is given in real time.

4. Command and Control

The ability to edit and update each child in the most efficient and comfortable way.


Reduced incidence of infant forgetfulness. Shared responsibility for children.


Providing a sense of security for parents of younger ages, and reducing attendance problems at the older ages.

Informal education and youth movements

Controlling the data and providing a sense of trust and confidence for the parents.

Classes and Sport Groups

Organizing and controlling data, saving precious time, managing and controlling the collection of funds.

About Us

In 2015 we initiated and developed MIPO. Its main purpose is to strengthen the ability to examine, report and control the presence and absence of children and thereby help managers to fulfill their professional responsibilities.

  • Guy Tzlil, 48, holds an MA in Education. Director of education systems, teacher and lieutenant colonel in the reserves.
  • Roy Bar-Nof, 45, a software expert.
  • We initiated and led a project with children that combine education and technology (fll).

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